Proven. Trusted.

De-Identification Symposium

Preserving Privacy and Advancing Data Analytics.

Toronto, October 21, 2014

PARAT User Meeting

Privacy Analytics presents the first annual user meeting.

Toronto, October 22, 2014

Proven. Trusted.

Proven. Trusted.

Risky Business

Check out the industry’s premier resource in a more readable magazine-like format.


Business Managers

Capitalize on your data assets to create new revenue streams with the industry’s most comprehensive anonymization solution for secondary data use.

Information Technology Professionals

Enable your enterprise to meet rigorous data privacy requirements with a highly scalable solution that leverages your existing IT infrastructure.

Directors of Analytics

Automate the anonymization of data to gain higher quality insight rapidly using repeatable peer reviewed, industry best practices.

Privacy & Compliance Professionals

Standardize data anonymization in compliance with HIPAA and other legal requirements  to systematically safeguard secondary use.