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Q and A with the Experts: Round Two

Join Khaled El Emam and Luk Arbuckle on March 26th, 2pm, as they answer all your de-identification, data masking, and anonymization questions live.

Some of the questions they will be answering:

  • How much does a data breach cost?
  • How can I ensure I am protected in the event of an audit?
  • How do you address attacks that combine multiple de-identified data sets?
  • For non-health data and non-PII, it seems that the de-identification methodology can also be applied to confidential commercial data as well? Is this ...
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Patient Privacy After a Breach

Privacy Analytics’ CEO, Khaled El Emam, discusses protecting patient privacy after the largest medical data breach in history. Jamie Titak, interviewer for HealthIT & mHealth, spoke with Khaled after the MIT BioInnovations Conference held at the end of February.

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Privacy Analytics: “Visionary” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

Real de-identification methodology and software provides a leading edge, risk-based approach that goes beyond common industry masking techniques to produce high quality data sets for sophisticated healthcare research and analytics

“Visionary” in 2014 Data Masking Technology Magic Quadrant

(January 15, 2015) Privacy Analytics Inc., the leading provider of de-identification software that safeguards and enables personal health data for secondary purposes, announced today that it has been recognized as “Visionary” by Gartner in a recently released 2014 Data Masking Technology Magic Quadrant.

Gartner ...

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The Next Generation De-Id Software

OTTAWA, ON. (NOVEMBER 19, 2014)  Privacy Analytics – the leading provider of software that safeguards and enables personal health data for secondary purposes – announced today the launch of PARAT 6.0 which for the first time gives health data organizations the ability to apply a proven de-identification methodology to complex data without the need for advanced technical skill and programming expertise. Read ...

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Experts Point to Need for ‘Responsible’ De-id

TORONTO, ON. (OCTOBER 23, 2014) Protecting personal privacy while leveraging Big Data for important research and business analytics may be achieved with the currently available methods and protocols, according to a group of experts from the fields of privacy, de-identification, cryptography, and statistics. Privacy is a manufactured impediment to all of the social and commercial benefits of Big Data because there are already good ways to protect privacy.

This was the message delivered to professionals responsible for collecting, disclosing and using ...

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Intel’s The Data Opportunity

Rethinking Privacy to Spur Innovation

OTTAWA, ON. (October 10, 2014) On Wednesday, October 8th in San Francisco, Intel Corporation convened industry leaders in technology, healthcare, education and smart cities industries to encourage action on data privacy issues facing companies today. Malcolm Harkins, vice president and chief security and privacy officer for Intel, said that the potential to unlock revolutionary discoveries is at stake, and called on the industry to be more transparent and accountable when collecting and using consumer data. In ...

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CenterWatch News Online | June 18, 2014

Privacy Analytics Launches Clinical Trials Data Sharing Solution

Privacy Analytics, a provider of data anonymization solutions for the healthcare industry, has launched a new solution to enable pharma companies to share clinical trials data while protecting the privacy of individual participants. The new offering accelerates the ability of pharma companies to meet increasing requests for individual-level participant data and clinical study reports by academic institutions, patients and other third parties. 

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PARAT Case Study | PARAT for Post Marketing and Public Health Surveillance

Privacy Analytics Enables Richer Insight into Anonymized Clinical Data

The Challenge:
Anonymize more than five years of clinical, prescription, laboratory, scheduling and billing data for more than 535,000 patients.

The Solution:
Apply PARAT to a complex longitudinal data set and leverage its insights for on-going and on-demand analytics.

The Benefit:
High-quality anonymized data for post-marketing and public health surveillance, prescription and health service analyses.

Privacy Analytics was approached by a leading healthcare analytics firm charged with providing de-identified data for a large EMR database consisting of nearly 535,595 patients in the province of Ontario. The complexity of the project ...

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Risky Business Newsletter Re-Designed

Just released: Newly Re-designed Risky Business Magazine

Moving forward the magazine will be published on a bi-monthly basis.  We’ve re-packaged the content in a magazine-like format so that it is easier to read and share with your colleagues.

In addition to the new look and feel, we’ve also added more robust content, in-depth analysis on the latest trends associated with anonymization, re-identification risk and compliance. Along with our long standing contributors, you’ll also read how organizations are applying the latest technologies, data governance and management practices that enable ...

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Khaled El Emam: New BMJ Blog Contributor

Anonymization and Creepy Analytics | October 22, 2013

When health data is shared for secondary purposes, such as for research, there is always the concern about patient privacy. Data custodians want to at least meet the requirements in their relevant laws and regulations. One option for sharing data is to anonymize it beforehand. But anonymization does not protect against stigmatizing analytics, which are often seen as a form of privacy violation.

Stigmatizing analytics are inferences from the data that may have a negative ...

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