PARAT De-identification & Data Masking Software

Healthcare organizations are responding to meaningful use and accountable care initiatives that focus on increasing the quality of care, improving patient safety and reducing costs. But to gain deep, accurate insight and operational transparency, healthcare organizations, insurance and medical claims providers and medical device manufacturers need to analyze all their data assets.



Protecting and analyzing patient-level data for secondary use is critical to achieving just that. Privacy Analytics provides organizations with enterprise software to safeguard, operationalize and enable data for secondary use.  It is the only company to offer its customers software, peer-reviewed methodology and valued-added services that protect the data of individuals when conducting critical research and complex analytics for secondary purposes.

Enabling personal information for secondary use is critical to driving innovation, deriving new insights, and gaining new knowledge for your organization. PARAT is the industry’s most comprehensive software, enriching the analysis of data for secondary use by integrating the anonymization of structured and unstructured information from multiple sources, in compliance with HIPAA and other legal requirements.

PARAT uses a risk-based approach to anonymize data that de-identifies and masks cross-sectional and longitudinal data sets.

To learn more about PARAT and how it can help you precisely measure the risk of re-identification, and how it can optimally de-identify information to protect individual privacy, please click on the links below.