About PARAT Software

Based on peer-reviewed algorithms and methodology, PARAT automates de-identification and masking of data for secondary use. It is the only software to anonymize structured and unstructured data.



PARAT also provides customers with optimal flexibility to anonymize data, either as an integrated solution, or as a standalone text anonymization product. While PARAT Core anonymizes structured data, PARAT Text enables organizations to extend this capability to unstructured data. PARAT Text extracts, anonymizes and indexes personal information in text formats residing in standard database tables, text and XML documents.

For customers, PARAT delivers:

Stronger Safeguards:  Strengthens the protection of your data assets with a standard, systematic approach to anonymization for internal and external analyses.  PARAT automates customers’ ability to determine the level of risk associated with disclosing data for secondary purposes. The software then seamlessly populates this risk threshold to the anonymization of data sets.  Depending on the complexity of the data set, customers can anonymize their data set in weeks instead of months as a result;

Richer Analytic Utility: Provides a highly scalable solution that enables analyses of structured and unstructured data.  PARAT enables statisticians and data analysts to gain optimal analytic utility from anonymized data. Customers can configure PARAT to anonymize data sets within the software`s risk threshold, while maintaining the essential analytic utility and value of the original data.  Instead of limited analytic utility with a completely masked data set, selectively anonymized data using a risk-based approach enables organizations to gain greater analytic value and insight; and,

Greater Auditability: Improves the ability of organizations to more transparently track and manage their data sharing agreements with third-parties to support internal and external privacy requirements.  PARAT automates many of the labour-intensive activities involved with creating data sharing agreements, to speed submissions to IRB and ethic review boards. The tracking and management of these agreements also create a defensible audit reporting process to meet rigorous internal and external privacy policies and procedures.

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